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“What a dynamic duo of our mother and daughter duo, Nel & Timi!!! They are equally creative in our classes, planning new challenges each time in our circuit training. They are quite attuned to each of the individual student’s abilities, but they do not let us off the hook. They are totally responsive and will repeat an exercise all with encouragement and in a caring tone.Both Timi  and Nel also provide a truly fun atmosphere selecting update music as we do our exercises. We all laugh alot. We are like a family. I have limitless praise for these fantastic coaches. I wholeheartedly promote their sessions to my friends and friends of friends, and to my caretakers to in turn tell their patients to enroll in classes. I provide them the brochures and offer to speak with their patients to answer any questions  from a students perspective. As you can see, I am totally sold on them!!!

I forgot to mention that they observe a sanitary environment which they do after each circuit which they wipe down any equipment used. Moreover we are all socially distanced from one another.” 
— Shelly J.

As a volunteer helping out in the Rock Steady Boxing classes at I AM MOVEMENT, I am watching first-hand the huge benefits of how Timi and Nel’s classes are helping their Parkinson’s patients stay strong not only physically but emotionally and mentally.  Even though the boxers are working out hard in class, I just love seeing the smiles on their faces as they are building self confidence by their new-found strength.  Timi and Nel’s classes focus on boxing but they also take time to practice other skills needed for daily living by incorporating fun circuits such as using rubber bands for finger dexterity, voice reflection in the group cheers and learning how to get up safely from a fall.  My mother suffered from Parkinson’s and I wish so badly that I would have known about the benefits that Rock Steady Boxing could have brought to her.  This is an extremely devoted family owned business which was started with so much love and determination to help Parkinson’s patients retain their skills in a fun and meaningful way.  If you or anyone you know have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, it is detrimental that you reach out to Timi and Nel at I AM MOVEMENT for more information on their classes. ” — Lori F.

RSB has been a real life saver for me. I started the program in July as a virtual class.  We moved into the wellness center and what a blast. I love the integrated exercises, dexterity, vocal, physical, memory, and of course boxing. The coaches are so knowledgeable about the program. They have a very friendly attitude. I always get the feeling that they really care about me. I attend 3 classes a week. The program is always changing so it is impossible to get bored. I love RSB!”

— Ginger R.

“My wife has been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and soon after with Lewy Body Disease(dementia) which has progressed rapidly. During the closure, she started participating in Zoom classes that “I am Movement” was providing (at no cost!), has done quite well and continued with the classes once the wellness center has opened. Despite a dual condition where each day has different manifestations, she keeps on attending the classes, loves the exercises, the spirit and the instructors. She repeats many of the balance, walking and boxing exercises at home and benefits immensely from all aspects of the 90 minute classes. She is looking forward to each class and I hate to think how worse her condition would have been had we not found this amazing place and women! As her spouse, I cannot be more pleased, impressed and thankful that we found this unique group. ”

— Avi Z.

“Rock Steady Boxing has brought my mom’s smile back! A huge part of my mom’s identity before being diagnosed with parkinsons and Lewy Body Dementia was movement and exercise and she stopped doing all of  her normal activities because of lack of balance and coordination confidence. The warmth of the owners, Timi and Nel and their creative and fun workouts have been such a gift to my mom. These instructors really care about your loved one and have the patience and determination to ensure that each of their participants have a positive experience every time. The exercise drills they do and the boxing combinations they teach are not only to keep their participants body’s more agile and confident but they integrate some wonderful ways to challenge participants minds as well.  Its the full package! All I have to say is this workout is a must for your loved one and will bring back the life and smile to their face too. 5 stars! Two thumbs up for Rock Steady Boxing! Fantastic and Fun! A workout that will change your loved one’s life!”

— Ariana J.



“This program is so helpful for those who have Parkinson’s patients.  A lot of moves and activities that help motivate them and at the same time, they’re having fun. Even me as a caregiver finds it interesting.  I even recommended it to the visiting nurse of my other client.”

— Lorenzita R.












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