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DanceAbility is a physically integrated, improvisational dance style for any skill level. Designed for people of all abilities, including those facing physical and/or mental disabilities. This all-inclusive methodology uses creative movement and improvisational dance to promote artistic expression and exploration between dancers…including participants with mobility devices.

Instructors continuously present new situations and new ways of moving in a supportive, safe, and social environment. The exercises build camaraderie, physical awareness, and expressive capabilities that participants explore through their own unique individual physicality.

Classes are led by DanceAbility International certified instructors who welcome those with a passion for dance and an appreciation for the art of exercise.

No experience necessary. Join us in the art of being together at I Am Movement.

 Click the link below to contact us about trying a free introductory DanceAbility class. We bet you’re going to love it!

Pilates Coming Soon!

Boxing 4 All

Boxing 4 All is a non-combative exercise class designed for those who want to put some power in their punch. These 60-minute sessions use actual boxing drills, heavy bags, speed bags, ring work, calisthenics, and stretching to help improve flexibility, hand-eye coordination, power, and strength.

Unlike the Rock Steady Boxing classes that are designed to specifically target the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease while conditioning the body, Boxing 4 All is all about the sweat.  

No experience necessary. A fighter’s spirit required.

Rock Steady Boxing

The Parkinson’s fight is on and I AM Movement is in your corner.  Join our Rock Steady Boxing program so you can take a whack at PD.  Certified coaches design active non-combative workouts based on actual boxing drills.

Exercises are adapted to address common Parkinson’s symptoms, such as tremors, motor skill loss, rigidity, impaired posture, and weak voice projection.  Why boxing? It conditions the body on multiple levels by working on balance, strength, flexibility, agility, hand-eye coordination, and mental acuity…plus, it’s a lot of fun and oh-so cathartic!.

At I AM Movement, our goal is to help fighters enhance their quality of life while battling Parkinson’s disease.

Classes are exclusively for people with PD and their care partners creating a community of camaraderie. So, glove up and join the Rock Steady Boxing Irvine fight team.  We’ll teach you the ropes so you can challenge Parkinson’s and be your own hero.

*We offer both virtual and in-person socially distanced Rock Steady Boxing classes. Click the button below to schedule your in-person “Meet and Greet” so you can learn more about our boxing program.

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